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Christian Boudman
Proprietor / VFX Supervisor / Artist

Features:  The Millionaires' Unit, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Million Dollar Arm, Deliver Us From Evil, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Men In Black 3, The Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland, Green Lantern, Fast Five, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Spider-Man I and III, Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone, Blade Runner- The Final Cut, Hancock, I Am Legend, Speed Racer, Ghost Rider, Castaway, Big Fish, Bad Boys II, Charlie's Angels I and II, et al. Episodic TV:  Game of Thrones - Seasons III and IV, Royal Pains, Boardwalk Empire Seasons I and II, The Outer Limits, Ally McBeal, Charmed, Roswell, The X-Files, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Dark Angel (Emmy Nomination), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Weird Science, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, et al. Promos:  Boardwalk Empire Season 2, The Guardian Project, (Stan Lee for NHL) et al. Commercials:  Putnam Investments, Jet Blue, K-Mart, Bank of America, Chevrolet, Volvo, Zappos, Dunkin' Donuts, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Mountain Dew, Charbroil, Morgan Stanley, McDonalds, Hyundai, Mattel,  et al. Music Videos:  Puff Daddy, Master P, Mystikal, C Murder, Pink, Cake, et al.

Christian Boudman, proprietor, began his career in the movie business nearly twenty-five years ago. In 1991, after a brief stint as an amusement park magician, juggler and fire-eater, Christian packed up his family and headed west to Hollywood. His first gig was as a gopher on the short-lived “Chuck Woolery Show”, but quickly moved up to bigger and better things. Within five years, he had worked as runner/production-coordinator on almost every major awards show on TV, as well as post-production supervisor and associate producer on several sit-coms, stand-up comedy specials and a sketch comedy show.

It was in 1995 that Christian reached a crossroad... He realized that if he was going to have any real fun, he would have to get into a more creative end of the business... After some deep thought, it became clear that visual effects was the way to go!

In 1996, Christian wrangled his first job as visual effects artist on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Within a year, he had a half-a-dozen other TV shows under his belt and was hungry for more.

By 2000, Christian had created visual effects for nearly fifty episodic television shows, numerous commercials, music videos and was nominated for an Emmy award... What next? Why, movies of course! In the summer of 2000, Christian landed a gig at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Several months as freelance Inferno artist led to an eight year run, including several years as senior lead artist in SPI's Interactive Compositing Department.

In 2009, Christian formed Clearcut FX. Since it's creation, he and his team have completed 350 shots on multiple feature films (Million Dollar Arm, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Deliver Us From Evil, The Millionaires' Unit, The Hunger Games, MIB3, Fast 5, Resident Evil - Afterlife), 300+ shots on major TV series (Game of Thrones - Seasons III and IV, Boardwalk Empire - Seasons I and II, Royal Pains) and multiple commercials (Putnam Investments, Jet Blue, K-Mart, Bank of America, Chevrolet and McDonalds). A career spanning a quarter of a century, over a thousand vfx shots in 40+ movies, 50+ television shows, music videos, commercials... Add some trees and a lake and there you have it... Clearcut FX!

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