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The Story of the Name

In November of 2008, one month after he relocated his family from Los Angeles to the woods of New Hampshire; a pair of Christian's neighbors began harvesting the stand of mature white pines on their properties.  The cutting continued through the winter and into the following year.  By April 2009, dozens of acres of beautiful forest had been reduced to a virtual wasteland of stumps and broken limbs.  A family of bald eagles were displaced and multiple streams had become choked with silt.  In addition, the heavy equipment utilized by the logging company did considerable damage to the road leading to the Boudmans' home.  During the destruction, the Boudmans made multiple appeals to the two neighbors (neither of whom live in New Hampshire), to get them to reconsider the damage they were doing to the environment.  The appeals were met with disdain and/or complete silence.  Further appeals to municipal and state agencies had similar effect.  New Hampshire's slogan "Live Free or Die" had taken on a whole new meaning...  It appeared that the libertarian spirit in New Hampshire did indeed make it easier for property owners to operate freely.  Unfortunately, this freedom permitted those residents to infringe upon the rights of innocent bystanders in the process.

Late in the summer in 2009, Christian decided to set up a visual effects company on his property (three acres, which is still covered with beautiful trees).  The experience with his neighbors inspired the name of his new company... Clearcut FX.

In an effort to combat the wanton destruction of nature by those who would trade it for few bucks, Clearcut FX will donate a percentage of it's profits to selected charities that dedicate themselves to the protection of the country's forests and waterways. >> See the organizations we support and Learn More

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