At Clearcut FX security is our top priority

  • Our studio is secure and physically remote.
  • We employ the most robust security protocols for digital file transfers including Aspera Client and Egnyte.
  • Our systems are protected by up-to-date firewalls, virus protection and security standards.
  • We ensure encryption of all portable hard drives/disks.
  • All Clearcut FX employees are senior level, career professionals who have been instructed in the appropriate handling and protection of all digital and physical assets.
  • All Clearcut FX employees are bound by a Clearcut FX NDA and our Asset Protection guidelines. Let us know if you'd like to read them.
  • We shall provide clients with all relevant information regarding our employees and subcontractors upon request.
  • We make every effort to employ visual effects professionals who reside in the USA.  We are committed to protecting the domestic visual effects community.
  • Clearcut FX is fully insured.  Documentation is available upon request.

We're always interested in hearing your ideas about how we can better protect your valuable intellectual property. Contact us anytime to talk about it!

Serious About Security
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