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ProductionHUB - Clearcut FX Brings Cutting Edge Visuals to Box Office Hits

The ProductionHUB staff interviews Christian about the visual effects industry, his career and his company, Clearcut FX.
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Sheena Duggal, VFX Supervisor - The Hunger Games

“Working with a company capable of quickly and affordably turning around a large volume of high-quality work was extremely important on a large project like The Hunger Games. 1200 VFX shots had to be completed in 23 weeks within a very tight budget. It was a great experience. There was easy communication with Clearcut FX and the talented team of people involved. Clearcut FX was easy to work with, and on shots like the hallucination sequence that required creative direction, I was able to just speak directly with Christian about what the goal was. Clearcut’s expertise provided the film with an elegance, understanding and working knowledge of how to create a photorealistic experience that left the viewer fully gripped by the story telling and never questioning the fantasy they are seeing.”

Chris Capp, Editor - The Hunger Games

“Thank you Christian, Charles, Megan and the entire team that is Clearcut FX. You were a pleasure and a delight to work with on The Hunger Games. You should be proud of the work we did together. The movie is a true testament to your work and I look forward to our new relationship. Your tenacious, supportive and positive attitudes with how large or small a job kept me encouraged. You are a dream house to work with. My biggest regret is that we did not give you more work!”

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Rich Friedlander, VFX Producer - Boardwalk Empirefor Brainstorm Digital, Brooklyn, NY

“Christian is one of the best artists I’ve come across. His eye for detail and photo realization are impeccable. He is one of the few artists I know who has both the mastery and technological ability no matter what the challenges to get the shot to work; no matter what.”

Josh Jaggars, VFX Producer - The Fast and The Furious 5

“I first worked with Christian on Ghost Rider in 2005 and over the years, he’s continued to impress me with his skills. He is a supremely talented compositor with an amazing eye for detail. He’s quick, smart, creative, fun, and technically savvy. I needed someone I could trust with some tricky shots on Fast Five so I was happy to work with Christian again. He was able to deliver tricky shots in a timely fashion. I am looking forward to working with Christian again soon.”

Peter Krygowski, VFX Supervisor/Producer - House of Moves, Santa Monica, CA

“Christian Boudman and I have worked together on a whole host of projects over the last decade and a half. He is and always has been my first call when it comes to VFX. I presented Christian with the gargantuan task of working on the four minute Guardian live action trailer that we only had 10 weeks to deliver and every shot required VFX. Christian and his crew of senior artists at Clearcut FX never blinked and always delivered, no matter the task at hand. Seamless VFX, happy clients, job well done…again.”

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